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Active Planning Projects

Utica Ridge Road

Planned mixed-use, with specialty stores,  grocery stores, residences, restaurants, movie theaters, – even hotels to create a well-balanced sustainable development resulting from the new SR 265 interchange with Old Salem Road meeting the regional needs identified in the Comprehensive Plan. 

Click below to go to Utica Ridge Master Plan

4th Street Improvements


This 2016 Concept Plan for 4th Street is on the cusp of moving from concept toward reality in 2023

This 2016 Plan envisioned improvements to 4th  Street Lentizer Creek to Upper River Road with widening within the right-of-way, sidewalks, curbs, gutter, decorative crosswalks, street lights, benches, and landscaping.

A planned townwide comprehensive plan will move this concept forward.


 Utica Estate is Now Noblewood at Utica


Utica selected a developer through the RFP process and is about to approve the development plan for this 100+/- residential development.  Patrol Road South has been improved and upgraded, clearing has started and 2023 will prove to be an exciting year seeing a new home community take shape.

Click below to go to the Noblewood  Plan

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